Rosaleen Collins

Year of call: 1996 | Sol: 1978

"She is a balanced and sensitive barrister who looks after the best interests of her clients." 
Chambers UK 

Rosaleen Rosaleen

Rosaleen is the most senior female criminal barrister at Guildhall Chambers, with extensive experience in all areas of serious crime.


Rosaleen has particular experience of cases involving serious sexual allegations, and cases involving children. She is highly praised for her outstanding ability to deal with vulnerable defendants and witnesses. Professional clients value her incisive but sensitive approach to all lay clients and her ability to explain all aspects of the case against them. Lay clients find her approachable and professional. She gains their confidence that she will represent them to the highest standards.

Significant Cases

  • Prosecuting a father for long term sexual abuse and rape of his natural daughter and a number of her friends and relatives.
  • Defending a 75 year old man who faced allegations of serious sexual abuse of a child 30 to 40 years ago.
  • Prosecuting a 'cold case' stranger rape of 3 women by a serial rapist.
  • Defending a man for attempted murder of his wife.
  • Prosecuting a convicted murderer who attempted to recreate his crime shortly after his release on life licence.

Sports Law

Rosaleen has a longstanding background in a variety of sports and has firsthand experience as a competitor, coach and official. 

For many years she played netball at representative and National League level and later coached and officiated to county level. She is able to understand the pressures and passions of competitive sport at all levels and at all ages.

She has advised sports organisations in relation to complaints and disciplinary procedures involving players, clubs and officials. Rosaleen has advised and represented individuals from a variety of sports including rugby, football and cricket. She has also lectured players and officials in relation to disciplinary matters and child protection in sport.

She is a Member of England Netball’s National Disciplinary and Appeals Register.

As an advocate, she is rated as a leading junior dealing with heavyweight criminal work. She is recognised for her persuasive skills and endeavours to get the best possible outcome for her lay client.




Junior - Band 2

Respected junior with in-depth knowledge of all areas of serious crime. She boasts a particular expertise in handling cases involving severe sexual allegations, murder, manslaughter and fraud, as well as vulnerable defendants and witnesses.

Strengths: "She is a balanced and sensitive barrister who looks after the best interests of her clients."

Recent work: Acted in the first prosecution in the South West for 'coercive and controlling behaviour', wherein the defendant had controlled every aspect of his partner's life and that of their children.

LEGAL 500 2016


Leading juniors

‘An excellent all-round barrister.’



Junior - Band 2

Respected junior with in-depth knowledge of all areas of serious crime. She boasts a particular expertise in handling cases involving severe sexual allegations as well as vulnerable defendants and witnesses.

Strengths: "She is sensitive to the needs of clients but robust as an advocate, dealing most competently with highly challenging sexual offences."

LEGAL 500 2016


Leading juniors

'Experienced in sexual offences trials, particularly those concernng children.'  



Junior - Band 1

A specialist criminal barrister with robust experience of prosecuting and defending cases across the full range of criminal offences. She receives particular acclaim for her skill when working with vulnerable witnesses and defendants.

Recent work: Acted in a case in which a local businessman was charged with defrauding the charity Help for Heroes of large sums of money.

LEGAL 500 2015


Leading juniors

'Recommended for her experience in dealing with vulnerable witnesses and defendants in sexual offences cases'.



Leading Junior - Band 1

Has considerable experience across the full range of serious criminal cases. She is note for her excellent client care skills, particularly with vulnerable or traumatised clients.

Recent work: Instructed in R v T and Others, a multi-handed, gang-related attempted murder caase.

LEGAL 500 2014


Leading Juniors

'Effective in managing traumatised witnesses and vulnerable defendants'


 A leading junior in the circuit, with a much-vaunted aptitude for client service. She is a very busy criminal practitioner who has a strong reputation for expertise in cases concerning serious sexual offences.

Expertise: "While some would credit her with a softer style, this is only a part of her range and it is used to keen effect. Similarly with clients, she can be both kind and firm, even simultaneously."

Recent work: She acted in R v Harris, a murder case where the defendant was convicted of murdering his alcoholic friend.

LEGAL 500 2013

Other recommended individuals include Rosaleen Collins, for her 'unswerving advoacy'.


Crime - Band 2

Sources note that Rosaleen Collins "has an extremely strong specialist practice in rape and serious sex cases." Her practice also encompasses wider aspects of serious crime, and she is recognised for her skilful handling of vulnerable defendants.


Crime - Band 2 

Former solicitor Rosaleen Collins is a senior figure at the local Bar and commands respect for her niche knowledge of sexual offences work. She has a "good way with judges" and an ability to communicate with demanding lay clients, say sources. She recently defended a 74-year-old man accused of historical sex offences.

LEGAL 500 2011

Rosaleen Collins builds an 'excellent rapport with clients and is able to clearly set out, in easy-to-understand language, the pros and cons of their cases.'


Crime - Band 2

Another with extensive experience of handling serious sexual offences is Rosaleen Collins. Solicitors favour her as she is "exceptionally skilful in dealing with female victims of crime."

LEGAL 500 2010

Rosaleen Collins has 'excellent interpersonal skills and is well respected by judges'.


Rosaleen Collins is "very good on difficult cases, such as sex offenses, where clients could feel awkward," reported interviewees. She is the most senior female criminal specialist in Guildhall Chambers.

LEGAL 500 2009

Rosaleen Collins handles a steady stream of serious criminal cases.


Rosaleen Collins impresses instructing solicitors with her "knack for putting people in big trouble at ease." Her "natural approach to advocacy, unassuming presence in court and reassuring manner in conference" all hit the right note.

LEGAL 500 2008

Rosaleen Collins, "effortlessly persuasive in court".


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  • Recorder
  • Deputy Stipendiary Magistrate


  • CBA

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