Oliver Moore

Year of call: 2005 | Sol: 1998

"Oliver is able to quickly grasp the issues, apply the law and present arguments in a logical and persuasive fashion." 
Chambers UK 2019

Oliver Oliver

Oliver is a barrister who specialises primarily in personal injury claims and costs litigation. He was a solicitor (with Higher Rights) before transferring to the Bar. His personal injury practice consists of a broad range of substantial multi-track claims. He is recommended in both Legal 500 and Chambers UK for Costs Litigation.

Personal Injury

Oliver has a significant personal injury practice covering a broad range of substantial, multi-track claims for claimants and defendants. Many claims in which he is instructed have a value in excess of £300,000.

He was a solicitor specialising in personal injury claims before transferring to the Bar.

He is instructed in respect to accident and disease claims and his experience includes:

  • RTAs (in particular motorcycle accidents)
  • Accidents at work (Employers' Liability)
  • Occupiers' Liability and other Public Liability claims
  • Highways claim
  • Occupational asthma
  • Noise-induced hearing loss
  • Mesothelioma claims
  • Stress claims
  • Product Liability
  • Package Holiday claims
  • Animals Act
  • Fatal claims
  • Catastrophic injury claims, including spinal and head injuries
  • Chronic pain cases
  • Loss of opportunity / chance of a future career / promotion
  • Limitation

Recent Cases

Claimant Cases

  • Accident caused by D negligently signing roadworks. C motorcyclist suffered catastrophic injuries in particular spinal cord injury. Liability and quantum disputed. Settlement achieved at c£370,000.
  • C suffered serious upper limb injuries at work; left with permanently bent arm and significant ongoing disability necessitating change in role. Oliver negotiated settlement at JSM for > £180,000.
  • C diagnosed with CRPS following shoulder injury caused by motorcycle RTA. Heavily disputed medical evidence and complex issues re loss of earnings/pension. Claim for loss of opportunity to pursue career as firefighter. Settled at JSM > £300,000.
  • C suffered very serious leg injuries in motorcycle RTA. Loss of career as mechanic. Permanent mobility difficulties. Settlement at JSM > £300,000.
  • Multiple serious injuries caused by motorcycle RTA. Liability agreed on second day of split trial (for more than had been offered before trial).

Defendant Cases

  • RTA in which lorry's tyre blew and collisions ensued. Motorcyclist died; pillion suffered serious brain/other injuries. Claim pleaded at £1.6 million. Liability dispute. Instructed on behalf of D5, who allegedly negligently repaired the tyre.
  • "Severe" and "life-changing" injuries caused by accident at work when fell and broke both legs. Claim pleaded at c£500k. Causation and earning capacity issues.
  • Defence at trial on liability of EL claim involving amputation injury.
  • Successful defence of s.33 application for Treasury Solicitor.
  • Defence at trial of RTA of claim held to be fraudulent; permission for contempt of court proceedings.

Costs & Litigation Funding

Oliver has a successful and well-renowned costs litigation practice. He receives instructions nationwide and is the only barrister on the Western Circuit recommended in the field of Costs Litigation in Chambers UK 2014.

Oliver's work includes:

  • Detailed Assessments in the SCCO before Regional Costs Judges and in County Courts nationwide, particularly where the costs exceed six-figures and there are complex issues of principle
  • Advising on the assessment of costs
  • Representing parties at costs settlement meetings
  • Settling costs pleadings where difficult issues arise
  • Disputes over the order for costs
  • Costs appeals
  • Advising generally on costs and litigation funding issues
  • Costs management

His costs practice involves cases in all areas of civil practice. He is instructed by paying parties and receiving parties.

Recent Cases

  • Instructed by D (receiving party) in respect to costs of substantial group litigation (part of Miner’s Knee Litigation).
  • Advising and negotiating the settlement of the costs of existing claims and future claims where multiple claims brought by one firm of solicitors against the same D. Settlement involved costs > £1 million.
  • Advising and representing receiving party in respect to costs of substantial PI claim (case went to Court of Appeal). Costs in excess of £400,000. Numerous complex legal and factual issues including conduct issues, disputes over success fees and insurance premium.
  • Advising and representing receiving party at costs settlement meeting where bill > £600k.
  • Many cases on interpretation and application of rules on fixed success fees e.g. Norris v H M Revenue & Customs [2010] EWHC 90178 (Costs), Fountain v Volkerrail and Vika v HMRC. In Bird v Meggitt Oliver was instructed to settle Grounds of Appeal and Skeleton for the Court of Appeal.
  • Successful appeal before HHJ Hughes QC on correct approach to exercise of discretion on orders for costs of detailed assessment and applicability of authorities on Part 36 to r. 47.19.
  • Three successful appeals to DCJs on behalf of Ds concerning compliance of C with protocol and order for costs (e.g. Turner v Gribbon [2009] AC0119975).
  • Vague v Dairy Crest - Successful appeal before HHJ Cotter QC involving application of Crosbie v Munroe.
  • Yates v Bond - Successful appeal before Mr Justice Irwin against summary assessment of costs raising issues as to the correct approach to summary assessment.
  • Nwoke v Modus - Successful appeal before DCJ in respect to an issue as to interpretation and application of the fixed costs rules, specifically r.45.10 2 (d).

Insurance Litigation

Oliver is instructed in respect to subrogated recovery claims and other insurance related litigation in respect to property damage and personal injury claims.

His experience includes:

  • Flood damage / escape of water claims
  • Product liability claims
  • Public nuisance
  • Fire damage


Oliver has over 15 years experience of representing interested parties at inquests. That experience includes instructions on behalf of the family of the deceased and potential defendants.

He receives instructions from the Treasury Solicitor.



Costs Litigation

Leading Junior - Band 4

Specialising in personal injury claims and costs litigation, he has a caseload that sees him tackling detailed assessments in the SCCO, representing clients in costs settlements and handling costs appeals. Clients include both paying and receiving parties.

Strengths: "Oliver has an in-depth knowledge of both PI and costs. He also benefits from having previously been a solicitor, which is very valuable when it comes to justifying or disputing work that has been done on a matter."

Recent work: Instructed on behalf of the claimant in Brindley v Cooper, an appeal concerning the application of the fixed costs rules relating to personal injury claims.

LEGAL 500 2017

Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence

Leading juniors

‘An extremely safe pair of hands.’ 


‘An extremely safe pair of hands.’  


Costs Litigation

Leading Junior - Band 4

Specialising in personal injury claims and costs litigation, he has a caseload that sees him tackling detailed assessments in the SCCO, representing clients in costs settlements and handling costs appeals. Clients include both paying and receiving parties.

Strengths: "Has a real interest in costs and always gets his facts and figures straight."

LEGAL 500 2016

Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence

Leading juniors

'An excellent legal brain, and an effective and tenacious advocate.'


Costs Litigation

Leading Junior - Band 4

A specialist costs barrister and head of the set's costs and litigation funding team. He handles the full gamut of civil costs diputes and brings with him former experience as a solicitor with higher rights.

Strengths: "Certainly a go-to costs specialist in the south west, he is extremely knowledgeable." "He can look across a range of cases and identify common themes before hammering out deals in hard-nosed negotiations."

Recent work: Advised the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change in regards to several substantive costs disputes.

LEGAL 500 2015

Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence

Leading juniors

'He has a particularly strong occupational disease practice'.


Costs Litigation

Leading Junior - Band 4

Heads the costs and litigation funding team at Guildhall Chambers. He represents paying and receiving parties in all civil costs matters, and is frequently instructed on costs appeals, appearing before costs judges and the Supreme Court Costs Office (SCCO). Recent work: He acted for a defendant in respect to the claimant's appeal from the SCCO relating to the applicable success fee to a personal injury claim.

LEGAL 500 2014

Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence

Leading juniors

'As part of his broad practice, he handles catastrophic claims arising out of motorcycle accidents'.


Costs Litigation

Called to the bar after eight years as a solicitor, and represents claimants and defendants in the SCCO and County courts through the country, but in particular before the Western Circuit's Regional Costs Judges.

Expertise: "He is clever, thorough, very pragmatic and a good advocate."

Recent work: Acted in the Court of Appeal on Bird v Meggitt Aerospace, a case which concerned the interpretation and application of fixed success fee rules under CPR P45 as it pertains to disease cases. 

LEGAL 500 2013

"Highly regarded"


For further information and enquiries please contact:

Personal Injury: Heather Bidwell, Wendy Shaw & Olive Kavanagh

Costs Litigation & Funding: Wendy Shaw


  • Attorney General's Regional Panel of Junior Counsel to the Crown


  • PIBA


  • BA Hons, Law & Politics, Nottingham University
  • Diploma of Legal Practice, Nottingham Law School