Agricultural Law Barristers

Our Property and Estates team includes barristers who are experienced in advising and representing clients in farming disputes.

Arbitrations under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 for:

  • Terms of a written tenancy agreement under section 6
  • Rent review under section 12
  • Notices to remedy under Case D
  • Notices to quit under Case B, D or E
  • Terms of succession tenancies under section 48
  • End of tenancy compensation under sections 60 to 78

Tribunal proceedings under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 and the Land Drainage Act 1991 for:

  • Succession on the death or retirement of the tenant
  • Consent to the operation of notice to quit under Case G for estate management, hardship or other reasons
  • Certificate of bad husbandry with a view to serving notice to quit, under Case C
  • Restoration or improvement of ditches and piped ditches

Court proceedings for:

  • Disputes about the rights of occupiers of agricultural land
  • Disputes about farm partnerships and businesses
  • Claims for possession of agricultural land
  • Challenges to and appeals against decisions of arbitrators
  • Appeals against decisions of Tribunals

Advising agricultural arbitrators.

Acting as a mediator.

Clerk Contact Information

For further information and enquiries please contact our civil clerks via email or on 0117 930 9000.