Ramin Pakrooh

Year of call: 1996

"His tactical approach is very impressive and he is able to step back and see the bigger picture."
Chambers UK 2022

Ramin Ramin

Ramin is a leading junior, with extensive experience in murder and other homicide cases. Ramin also practises in police disciplinary hearings, fatal road traffic accidents and large scale drugs and firearm conspiracies.



Ramin has acted in numerous murder trials including multi-handed gang and drug related murders, killings within a context of domestic violence, women killing their male partner or co-habitees, and stranger killings.

Ramin has also acted in numerous cases of manslaughter, attempted murder, and conspiracy to murder.


Ramin represents police officers facing gross misconduct proceedings at all levels including those arising out of a death in police custody, the use of force and matters of honesty and integrity. 


Ramin specialises in defending and prosecuting cases where self-defence is an issue. He has particular knowledge of the practical and technical aspects of violent confrontation and accompanying legal considerations. He has frequently successfully advanced and challenged defences where use of weapons (e.g. knife, machete, glass), natural weapons (e.g. biting, headbutting, kicking) and preemptive strikes have been deployed. 


Ramin receives instructions in insurance backed motoring cases and has experience in both defending and prosecuting cases involving fatal road traffic accidents, involving death by dangerous driving and death by careless driving.


  • R v E (2021) – Junior Counsel in murder trial, defending juvenile charged jointly with adults, where the victim was killed in full view of party goers at an outdoor silent disco.
  • R v J (2020) – Defended mother charged jointly with father with offences arising out of the non-accidental infliction of skull and rib fractures on their 11 week old baby.
  • R v L (2019) – Junior Counsel in murder trial where female defendant killed her partner following a day of violent confrontation between them in their home.
  • R v R (2018) - Junior counsel in murder case where the defendant murdered his wife following a breakdown in his mental health. 
  • R v K (2018) - Counsel in murder case. The defendant was jointly charged with murder but faces trial on the charge of assisting an offender alleged to be the killer (pending).
  • R v P (2018) - Defending where the defendant is alleged to have jointly attacked and wounded with intent, the person who, it is alleged, only minutes earlier had been jointly responsible for the murder of the defendant’s brother. The murder trial is to take place first, followed at its conclusion by the trial of the alleged revenge attack on the alleged killer (pending).
  • R v L (2018) - Junior Counsel, in murder case. The defendant was a drug dealer who was attacked in a flat by armed rival drug dealers and killed one of his attackers.
  • R v K, T & M (2016-2017) - Junior counsel, successfully defending, over the course of two trials, custody sergeant charged with the manslaughter (unlawful act and by gross negligence) of a detained person. The case involved many complex issues including a multifactorial cardiac death, police training in use of force and restraint techniques, and regulations pertaining to the treatment of persons detained by the police.
  • R v CM (2017) - Prosecuted the trial of a teacher charged with wounding with intent arising out of the biting off of part of his partner’s ear during a domestic argument.
  • R v A (2017) - Junior counsel, successfully defended in cut-throat murder case where both the Crown and the co-defendant were jointly alleging that A was responsible as the principal killer of the deceased.
  • R v KW (2017) - Successfully defended in an allegation of Attempted Murder where it was alleged that the juvenile defendant, having been previously ‘taxed’ by an older male, subjected to him to a revenge attack with a sword causing partial limb severance.
  • R v VR (2017) - Junior counsel in murder allegation where female defendant killed the man who had subjected her to an unprovoked violent attack and was acquitted of murder but convicted of manslaughter.
  • R v H (2017) - Junior counsel in murder case where the defendant killed his close friend, diminished responsibility established.
  • R v E (2017) - Defended juvenile charged with attempted murder of man in his own home, group attack, involving shooting and stabbing of the victim in front of his young daughter.
  • R v JB & Others (2016) - Junior counsel in murder case for 1st defendant where multiple co-defendants were running cut-throat defences. Legal issues involving anonymity of witnesses, challenging validity of low-level DNA analysis and absence of effective peer review of new methodology and techniques.
  • R v G (2016) - Defended in case where defendant was alleged to have caused GBH with intent against a five year old victim.
  • R v C (2015) - Defended juvenile in a case involving a murder arising out of a conspiracy to obtain a handgun. The case was later the subject of a channel 4 television program ‘The Murder Detectives’.
  • R v L (2015) - Prosecuted case involving multiple fatality road traffic case.
  • R v S (2015) - Junior counsel in murder case involving a serious group attack on the victim in his own home. The attackers repeated the attack a week later after which the victim was found dead from liver failure caused by dehydration, having ‘turned his face to the wall and died’. Causation (asserted through psychiatric evidence) was contested and the murder charge was dismissed at trial.
  • R v L (2014) - Successfully defended member of 1% Motorcycle Club charged with 7 others in case alleging conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to cause GBH with intent.
  • R v S (2014) - Junior Counsel in murder case involving the killing of a stranger by a juvenile defendant.
  • R v RR (2014) - Defended in manslaughter case where female defendant alleged to have killed elderly man by an accepted minor assault which was followed by a cardiac death. Causation was the real issue in the case and upon application, the case was stopped at half-time following the implications of the evidence of multiple experts in cardiopathology.
  • R v S (2013) - Junior counsel in murder case where defendant alleged to have murdered former wife following her disappearance and discovery.
  • R v F (2013) - Defended in lengthy drugs conspiracy where handguns had been manufactured with onward supply into a class A drugs supply conspiracy.
  • R v C (2013) - Defended in multi-handed heroin supply conspiracy.
  • R v S (2013) - Junior Counsel in murder case - juvenile defendant - attack on stranger.
  • R v S (2013) - Instructed as Junior Counsel in murder - defendant unlawfully killed wife in their home - issue of intent remained.
  • R v B (2013) - Defended in fatal non-collision road traffic case.
  • R v H (2012) - Junior counsel in murder case where female defendant was acquitted after killing her partner. Self-defence advanced. Crown's case had alleged that she had self-inflicted her injuries. Many issues arose including bad character (of the defendant and of the deceased), hearsay and diminished responsibility.
  • R v T (2012) - Defended in lengthy case concerning widespread multi-trial cocaine conspiracy.
  • R v H (2012) - Junior Counsel in murder case. Self-defence and precise mechanism by which injury caused in issue.
  • R v P (2012) - Defendant (of good character) struck off-duty police officer fracturing his eye socket. Daytime incident. Defendant alleged that the officer had bullied and intimidated him. Self-defence asserted involving use of a pre-emptive strike. Following a hung jury the defendant was acquitted on retrial.
  • R v T (2011) - Junior Counsel in murder case. Deceased found dead in his bed. Closed house where CCTV covered front door, with no other ways in or out, and only three parties other than the deceased having access to the house.
  • R v G (2010) - Junior Counsel in murder case - defendants all young persons. Issues of joint enterprise and participation.
  • R v W (2010) - Defendant acquitted of s18 wounding, having struck the complainant with a machete, causing a neck wound and a broken collar bone. Defendant asserted pre-emptive strike in defence of his home, which was a squat.
  • R v G (2010) - Defendant charged with attempted murder after running his wife through twice with a ceremonial sabre.




Band 2

"His tactical approach is very impressive and he is able to step back and see the bigger picture."

LEGAL 500 2022


Ranked: Tier 2

‘He is a measured and thoughtful advocate.’



Experienced in prosecuting and defending on challenging cases such as firearms distribution, large-scale drug operations and violent crime, including homicide. He has also represented police officers in both criminal courts and disciplinary tribunals. He has further expertise in road traffic fatality cases.

Strengths: "A formidable and no-nonsense advocate. He is a go-to for complex work."

LEGAL 500 2021

Crime (General and Fraud)

‘He demonstrates exceptional attention to detail, higlighting the nuances that prove critical.'

LEGAL 500 2020


"Conscientious, tenacious and dedicated."



Extremely experienced in prosecuting and defending challenging matters such as firearms distribution, large-scale drug operations and violent crime, including homicide. Pakrooh also has experience representing police officers in both criminal courts and disciplinary tribunals. He also has expertise in road traffic fatality cases.

"He is one of the best prepared barristers I have ever met and is able to communicate directly, clearly and concisely. He is a formidable advocate and clients are always entirely assured that he is doing everything that he can on their behalf. Gets excellent results." "One of the finest legal minds around."

Recent work: Defended a woman charged with murder, who stabbed her male flatmate after being badly beaten by him.

LEGAL 500 2019


Highly recommended for murder trials.



Junior - Band 2

Extremely experienced in prosecuting and defending challenging matters such as firearms distribution, large-scale drug operations and violent crime, including homicide. Pakrooh also has experience representing police officers in both criminal courts and disciplinary tribunals.

Strengths: "He is an extremely effective junior."

LEGAL 500 2017


Leading juniors

‘Never intimidated in court by counterparts or judges.’



Junior - Band 2

Extremely experienced in prosecuting and defending challenging matters such as firearms distribution, large-scale drug operations and violent crime, including homicide.

LEGAL 500 2016


Leading juniors

'An amazingly convincing advocate.'  



Junior - Band 2

Has a dedicated defence practice, with particular expertise in drugs, firearm conspiracies and violent crime cases. He comes recommended for his advocacy style and efficiency.

Strength: "He has the most appealing way with words and juries really listen to what he has to say."

LEGAL 500 2015


Leading juniors

'He has a way with juries'.



Leading Junior - Band 2

A defence specialist with considerable expertise in violent crime cases. He is also noted for his expertise in high-profile drugs and firearms cases.

Expertise: "He has a seductive way with the jury."

Recent work: Defended in an armed robbery and a case of Section 18 GBH.

LEGAL 500 2014


Leading juniors - ‘A defence practitioner who specialises in violent crime, firearms offences and large-scale drugs cases’


Combines the grit and graft of a real fighter with a very sleek style of advocacy. His caseload is focused on violent crime, drug and firearm conspiracy cases.

Expertise: "Ramin Pakrooh is the epitome of the swan; seemingly effortlessly graceful on the surface while powering away below. His calm manner with clients, witnesses and juries alike is much more powerful than it appears on the surface."


Ramin Pakrooh focuses his practice on violent crime. Sources suggest that he is "a good-quality advocate with a very bright future."

LEGAL 500 2012

Other recommended individuals include Ramin Pakrooh, who is noted for his 'clarity of thought, good communication skills, and tenacity'.


Ramin Pakrooh attracts praise for his "pleasant yet forceful" court manner. Sources note he is "not frightened of arguing points with judges, however unpopular those points may be." Key matters have included defending against charges of sexual assault, murder and violent disorder.

LEGAL 500 2011

Ramin Pakrooh is 'exceptional at representing difficult clients'.


The "thorough and client-friendly" Ramin Pakrooh's particular area of expertise is in cases concerning self-defence.

LEGAL 500 2010

Ramin Pakrooh is 'highly articulate and a very determined and thorough advocate'.


Ramin Pakrooh's defence practice is highly regarded. He is "a fiery advocate and always well prepared."

LEGAL 500 2009

Ramin Pakrooh enjoys a reputation for successful defence work.


Ramin Pakrooh is praised as "a highly effective strategist who regularly gets results." "A strong defence advocate who makes powerful and perceptive closing speeches, he engages even the most sceptical juries."



For further information and enquiries please contact:

Crime: Lucy NortheastGrant Bidwell


  • Pupillage: 2 Paper Buildings, Temple, London
  • Inns of Court School of Law
  • University of London, Queen Mary College