Alistair Haggerty

Year of call: 2012

"Alistair’s personality shines through when advising challenging and vulnerable clients. He is able to put a client at ease and make sure that they know they are being looked after and quell any fears and concerns relating to their case."
Legal 500 2022 

Alistair Alistair

Alistair is a specialist criminal and regulatory advocate with a busy Crown Court practice. He undertakes instructions to prosecute and defend in a wide variety of serious cases.


Alistair is a skillful and persuasive jury advocate. He is a Grade 3 prosecutor, who also prosecutes on behalf of the Welfare, Rural and Health Division, UK Border Agency and the Home Office. In addition, Alistair has a well-established and diverse defence practice. He is frequently instructed to represent defendants in Crown Court and Youth Court trials and to represent prisoners at parole board hearings. He has also appeared in the Court of Appeal in appeals against conviction and sentence.     

Alistair prosecutes and defends in the full range of criminal cases, including conspiracy to murder, serious violence, child abuse, fraud, drugs, arson with intent, sexual offences, aggravated burglary, robbery and firearms offences. He is also frequently instructed in cases which arise in a domestic context and has recently lectured on the new controlling and coercive behaviour legislation.

He combines a detailed knowledge of the law and a forensic approach to preparation with a natural empathy and ability to judge the emotional tone of a case. It is this skill which has seen him praised, by judges and instructing solicitors, for his ability with vulnerable complainants and defendants, young witnesses, and those suffering from serious mental health problems.

In addition, Alistair has been instructed, by both individuals and companies, in a variety of driving matters. These include causing death by careless driving, dangerous driving, and driving whilst under the influence of drink and drugs. He is also experienced in successfully advancing exceptional hardship arguments and special reasons for individuals at risk of losing their licences due to the accumulation of penalty points, and appealing to the courts on behalf of individuals who have had their driving licences revoked by the DVLA. Alistair’s comprehensive and practical knowledge of road traffic law has seen him instructed by several high-profile clients.

Prior to commencing pupilage, Alistair worked in Mississippi for six months, where he assisted lawyers representing individuals on Death Row. His work included drafting a petition for clemency to the state governor and investigating pathology reports on shaken baby deaths.  

Alistair is a dynamic, meticulous and committed advocate. Whether prosecuting or defending, he thrives on the opportunity to speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves.


  • R v D (2021) prosecution of a defendant who had stabbed his daughter's step-father on the streets of Bristol inflicting life-threatening injuries.
  • R v J and N (2021) successful prosecution of two defendants for inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent. The defendants, who had covered their faces with balaclavas, attacked a man on Christmas Eve with metal bars.
  • R v M, M and M (2020) prosecution junior in this case concerning a conspiracy to murder the 16 year-old victim.  
  • R v V-M and A (2020) prosecution of two defendants for a robbery in which they tied up, gagged and assaulted the disabled victim in his home.
  • R v J and others (2019) successfully defended a woman in this case concerning allegations of conspiracy to kidnap, robbery, false imprisonment and blackmail arising out of a kerb-crawling honey trap.
  • R v A (2019) successful prosecution of a defendant for a large-scale conspiracy to burgle. The defendant was a leading member of prolific criminal gang which targeted high value properties and vehicles. The case received national press coverage.
  • R v S (2019) defended a man with a serious mental illness accused of arson with intent to endanger life. 
  • R v H (2019) defended a man accused of a knifepoint aggravated burglary on an elderly victim.
  • R v W (2019) successful prosecution of a defendant who had violently robbed three people on the streets of Cheltenham. Upon being convicted after trial, the defendant received a sentence of 12 years imprisonment.
  • R v E (2019) prosecution of a defendant who had posed online as a sixteen year-old boy and a twelve year-old girl in order to contact and groom vulnerable young children on the internet. He had then attempted to meet the children at train stations. An extended sentence of 16 years imprisonment was imposed.
  • R v M (2018) prosecution of a defendant accused of setting fire to a charity shop directly below an occupied flat, causing extensive damage. The defendant was found guilty of arson being reckless as to whether life was endangered following a trial.
  • R v D (2017) prosecution of a defendant who, whilst staying in a care home, had locked a fellow resident in her room and gouged her eye, causing permanent blindness.
  • R v H (2017) defended a woman with a long history of severe psychosis and paranoid schizophrenia for wounding her disabled partner.
  • R v C and Others (2016) prosecution junior in a multi-handed conspiracy to supply cocaine.
  • R v B (2016) successfully defended a man, with a history of mental health problems and alcoholism, in his trial for inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent.


Alistair has an established regulatory practice and is on the panel of Specialist Regulatory Advocates. His experience spans a number of disciplines, including health and safety and environmental law. He has also represented individuals in cases concerning fraudulent trading, intellectual property and offences brought under the Companies Act.  

He has delivered seminars to the Health and Safety Lawyers Association and has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the financial implications for companies, including parent and group companies, arising out of prosecutions for health and safety offences.

Alistair is also instructed in proceeds of crime cases. These include proceedings following conviction, but also civil forfeiture and unexplained wealth orders under the recently amended provisions of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. He has a detailed knowledge of the new legislative framework and case law in this developing area and is also alert to the tactical considerations which arise in such cases.


  • Operation Citadel (2021) currently being led by Andrew Langdon QC for the prosecution in this ongoing case concerning the fatal collapse of scaffolding erected around a church which was in the process of being demolished.
  • North Somerset Council v Worle Village Butchers and B (2021) represented the company in this prosecution brought under the Health and Safety at Work Act after a 17 year-old employee lost two fingers in a mincer. 
  • Avon Fire and Rescue Authority v B (2021) represented the leaseholder of a large house in multiple occupation in Bristol City Centre in this case concerning breaches of fire safety regulations. 
  • R v M and M (2021) represented a company director who was prosecuted under the Companies Act. Following mitigation, which highlighted the difficulties caused by another director, the fine imposed was reduced to a nominal figure. 
  • HSE v Valero Energy Ltd and B&A Contracts Ltd (2019) led by Andrew Langdon QC and James Bennett in this prosecution for health and safety offences arising out of an explosion at an oil refinery in which four people were killed. Alistair authored an article concerning the sentence imposed in this case which can be read here
  • HSE v B and S (2019) instructed by the Health and Safety Executive in a prosecution concerning unattended asbestos board and debris in a warehouse.   
  • HMRC v D (2019) instructed by HMRC in this case concerning the civil forfeiture of funds linked to a large-scale VAT fraud.   


Within the regulatory sphere, Alistair has particular knowledge and experience in environmental matters. His ability to assimilate large volumes of information, assured approach to paper-heavy cases, and a keen eye for detail has seen him instructed in serious and complex cases, including the ongoing joint prosecution of three companies for alleged serious waste offences. 

Alistair also has a strong grasp of wildlife legislation and has been instructed in prosecutions arising out of the Hunting Act.


  • EA v F, M.E Foley Ltd, UK Environmental Ltd, and European Metal Recycling (2021) currently being led by Andrew Langdon QC and Brendon Moorhouse in this ongoing case in which the four defendants were involved in the illegal depositing of waste on a vast scale, causing extensive pollution and environmental damage. The remediation costs are in the region of £77 million.
  • EA v M (2021) ongoing appeal concerning section 59 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. 
  • EA v C (2021) instructed by the Environment Agency in this ongoing prosecution for illegal fishing.
  • Somerset Drainage Board v C (2021) represented an individual who had breached a local drainage byelaw when undertaking renovation works in his garden. 
  • EA v M (2019) successful prosecution of a defendant who had deposited domestic waste at various locations in Devon before fleeing to Ireland. He was eventually extradited and received a custodial sentence at Plymouth Crown Court.


Alistair often appears in inquest hearings. Recent instructions include representing Sainsbury’s after one of their employees died at a warehouse, and representing the insurance company at a hearing arising from a fatal road traffic collision. He is familiar with the issues raised at such hearings and is sensitive to the needs and concerns of the parties involved.


LEGAL 500 2022


Ranked: Tier 3

'Alistair’s personality shines through when advising challenging and vulnerable clients. He is able to put a client at ease and make sure that they know they are being looked after and quell any fears and concerns relating to their case.'

Regulatory Crime, Health and Safety

Ranked: Tier 1

‘He is congenial, and takes a collaborative approach to cases.’


LEGAL 500 2021

Crime (General and Fraud)

‘Alistair is a clever lawyer with very good judgement. His advocacy is clear and concise. He is a very good member of any team. He finds solutions and takes on additional responsibilities willingly.’

Ranked: Rising Star



For further information and enquiries please contact:

Crime: Lucy Northeast & Grant Bidwell

Regulatory and Discipline: Lucy Northeast & Grant Bidwell


  • Grade 3 Prosecutor
  • Appointed to the C List of Specialist Regulatory Advocates in Health and Safety and Environmental Law


  • Amicus - Lawyer's for Justice on Death Row
  • Health & Safety Lawyers Association


  • Merton College, University of Oxford - History, BA (Hons)
  • City University, London - GDL
  • Kaplan Law School - BPTC 

Awards & Scholarships:

  • Exhibitioner (Inner Temple)
  • Internship Scholar (Inner Temple)
  • Postmaster (Merton College, Oxford)
  • Exhibitioner (Merton College, Oxford)