Employment & Discrimination Team Direct Access Offer

Direct access to employment legal advice for businesses and employees.

Guildhall Chambers is offering a time-limited offer of 30 minutes' free legal advice from our specialist employment and discrimination barristers.

To support SMEs (many of whom we know are struggling to cope with the current crisis and have immense cashflow concerns), specialist employment and discrimination barristers in our team have agreed that until 30 June 2020, they will offer any SME which has any employment issues connected to the current crisis, 30 minutes` free advice by telephone, email or video-link meeting, on a one-to-one basis.

To access this service, please click hereand complete the form, or speak to Kate Hather on tel: 0117 930 9000 or by email.

Kate will ensure one of our barristers is allocated to you without delay.

We recognise the urgency involved in questions relating to this crisis, and we will do our best to provide the advice to you on the same day or at latest, within 24 hours of receiving the details of your query from you.

You will need to be aware that there are some matters where the position is not yet entirely certain and where further guidance is needed, but we will do our utmost to help you by answering definitively any questions that can be answered in that way, and if not, to give you a steer based on what we believe is the likely position, taking into account our knowledge and experience of industrial relations in the workplace and the way in which employment tribunals are likely to approach matters in the future.

For further details and guidance about the Government's Furlough Scheme, please read our user-friendly summary of the current position here.

For details on how the direct access process works, please visit the Bar Standards Board website.