Guildhall Chambers undertake work by various means of funding, we accept instructions that are privately or publicly funded, trade union or insurance backed and where appropriate via CFA (Conditional Fee Agreement).

We recognise the need to be competitive and we strive to offer premium legal services at competitive prices. We are always willing to discuss fee structures with our clients to meet every type of budget and aim to remain transparent and flexible in our approach to fees, operating traditional brief fees, fixed fees and daily or hourly rates.

We consider fees on a case-by-case basis: they are calculated giving consideration to a number of variable factors, including seniority and experience of the barrister, the complexity of the matter, the value of claim and the length of time involved in preparation and attending Court as appropriate. However it is possible to agree set fees for particular types of work or appropriate hourly rates. If you wish to know more about counsel's fees, please contact one of the specialist clerks.