ELA Masterclass - Employment Claims in the Civil Courts 2015 -Jan 2015

9 Jan, 2015

The Employment and Discrimination Team is pleased to announce that it has been invited by the Employment Lawyers’ Association to present a series of ten Masterclass Seminars in 2015.

Other than cases involving employee competition, the traditional approach of practitioners to employment litigation has been to focus on the Employment Tribunal's jurisdiction. However, in some instances there will be mechanisms for pursuing a particular employment related matter in the Civil Courts.

Exploring such opportunities may enable claimants to reduce the impact of the well-publicised introduction of fees in the Employment Tribunal, as well as potentially providing advantages in terms of costs recovery. It is essential that employers and other potential defendants are well-prepared to meet these claims.

In the light of the recent changes to employment tribunal litigation, it is perhaps an opportune time to consider ways to expand and complement the scope of your existing practice. The seminars will focus on helping practitioners identify the types of employment claim that can be brought in the Civil Courts as an alternative to the Employment Tribunal, as well as other types of work (other than employee competition cases) that employment lawyers are ideally placed to carry out in the Civil Courts, such as non-employment discrimination claims. There will also be a detailed analysis of the strategic, tactical and practical considerations that will be likely to arise when bringing or defending such claims.

The course is an advanced Masterclass but detailed knowledge of the Civil Courts and CPR is not required. The Team will be presenting this seminar on the following dates:

Date & Time



25th March 2015, 6pm

Stephens & Scown, Exeter

Debbie Grennan & Suzanne Staunton

15th April 2015, 6pm

Guildhall Chambers, Bristol

Nicholas Smith & Julian Allsop

29th April 2015, 6pm

Cambridge, TBC

Julian Allsop & Douglas Leach

30th April 2015, 6pm

Reading, TBC

Douglas Leach & Allan Roberts

7th May 2015, 4pm

Paris Smith LLP, Southampton

Nicholas Smith & Julian Allsop

20th May 2015, 6pm

Leicester, TBC

Nicholas Smith & Allan Roberts

21st May 2015, 6pm

Cheltenham / Gloucester, TBC

Nicholas Smith & Allan Roberts

27th May 2015, 6pm

Norwich, TBC

Debbie Grennan & Suzanne Staunton

28th May 2015, 6pm

Oxford, TBC

Debbie Grennan & James Wibberley

24th September 2015, 6pm

Cardiff, TBC

Douglas Leach & James Wibberley

The seminars will be accredited for 1.5 hrs CPD. Please book via the ELA website.

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