Personal Injury Case Updates - December 2015

Personal Injury Case Updates - December 2015

14 Dec, 2015

Finally, in the words of Bing Crosby, it is starting to look 'a lot like Christmas'. The Waitrose advert has been released, the office party is perhaps around the corner (gulp), and the tinny echo of Christmas one hit wonders can be heard through shops and department stores up and down the country.

Although my own reaction is still to greet Christmas with all the energy of a five year old after going on an advent calendar binge, I must confess that that energy has been somewhat dampened by George Osborne's announcement that he intends to abolish general damages for all 'low value' soft tissue injuries. We will have to see whether the final plan bears any resemblance to the initial announcement, but surely the most bewildering aspect of the proposal is that the Judiciary has not even been consulted. The invisible hand of the usual pantomime villain (Jackson LJ) is nowhere to be seen. Indeed, not even the Ministry of Justice was consulted. Oh well, at least we will save some money on our premiums (sarcasm intended).

Whether you love, loathe, or are simply lukewarm to Christmas, I hope that you enjoy this third edition of Guildhall Chambers' personal injury update. As ever, simply click on the button below to read a concise summary of what I consider to be the most interesting cases over the last four or so months.

Feedback is always more than welcome (and positively encouraged) so if you have any comments and/or suggestions then please do direct them to myself.

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