Essential guide on Insolvency Practitioners Published

Essential guide on Insolvency Practitioners Published

18 Jan, 2021

We’re delighted to announce the publication of an indispensable guide on insolvency practitioners, co-written by members of our Insolvency team.

The book provides a practical overview of the functions and liabilities of the insolvency practitioner. It considers their duties and powers, offers a detailed investigation into their potential professional liabilities, and illustrates how claims could be framed and defended.

“The authors have adopted a relentlessly practical and up-to-date approach ... and have directly addressed the questions that arise every day in the working lives of insolvency practitioners.

This treatise will be of huge benefit ... I repeat my congratulations to each of the authors on an excellent piece of work.” The Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey Vos, Chancellor of the High Court.

This essential reading is co-authored by: Hugh Sims QC, Stefan Ramel, Holly Doyle, James Hannant and Samuel Parsons of Guildhall Chambers, Neil Levy of Enterprise Chambers, and Rachel Lai, Director at Menzies LLP.

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