Mark Worsley

Year of call: 1994

"He has a very keen eye for detail and is particularly strong on cases which are data-heavy."
Chambers UK 2020

Mark Mark

Mark defends and prosecutes serious crime. Mark also has a wealth of experience in dealing with regulatory matters such as defending DVSA prosecutions, prosecutions arising from Directors' disqualifications and Ofsted - related appeals. He is instructed both on his own and as a leading junior.


Mark is a member of the CPS prosecutions panel at grade 4. He is also on the CPS rape prosecutions panel. He defends at the equivalent level of seriousness of offending and is regularly instructed in:

  • Sex crime
  • Fraud
  • Drugs
  • Money laundering and proceeds of crime
  • Violence

Mark has always been keen to assist clients in other areas of the law and has substantial experience defending in VOSA prosecutions, directors' disqualification cases, RCN tribunal representation and Ofsted appeals. Mark's longstanding role as a Chair of Governors in a state primary school has lead to him having a depth of knowledge in education law.

Significant Cases

  • R v W - Prosecution of "lifer" who on release married his prison visitor, thereafter dissipating the entirety of her savings. Taken ill shortly after his arrest for fraud, he was by the time of trial confined to a hospital bed, but was brought to court every day to stand his trial.
  • R v S & Ors - Five handed prosecution of gang who had executed the violent robbery of a 77 year old farmer in his home. He was beaten and threatened with torture before surrendering the key to his gun safe, from which the defendants stole 17 firearms and cash. The case dealt with complex telephone call data and cell site mapping and difficult disclosure issues.
  • R v S - Prosecution of former world champion karate instructor charged with a series of sexual offences, including rape, sexual assault, inciting a child to a sexual act, voyeurism and the possession of tens of thousands of indecent images. The victims included his two daughters, his former wife, a number of his pupils and their mothers.
  • R v M - Defence (including consideration of the M'Naghten Rules) of 22 year old paranoid schizophrenic arrested for the attempted murder of his mother's partner.
  • R v M - Defence of man charged with the attempted murder of his wife who claimed to have woken up to find him in the process of cutting her wrist with a Stanley knife.
  • R v P - Defence of male alleged to have been part of homosexual paedophile ring in Bristol in 1970's. Application to dismiss successful.
  • R v S - Prosecution of male for sexual offending against a 5 year old witness.
  • R v Terrell [2008] - 2 Cr.App.R. (S) 49, CA - Assessment of remoteness of risk from downloading indecent images in relation to dangerousness).
  • Parker v DPP [2001] - R.T.R. 16 (assumption in s.15(2) RTA 1988 not incompatible with the presumption of innocence in Art 6(2) ECHR).


LEGAL 500 2020


"His practice covers a broad spectrum of criminal cases."



Noted for his advocacy skills, Mark Worsley both prosecutes and defends serious crime cases. His practice runs the full gamut of criminal offences including sex crime, drugs and acts of violence. He is a Grade 4 prosecutor and a member of the RASSO specialist panel.

"He is very thorough and has an excellent manner with clients."
Recent work: Defended a man charged with three consecutive conspiracies to supply drugs in Plymouth.

LEAGL 500 2019


‘Recommended for cases involving drugs conspiracies and murder.’



Junior - Band 3

Noted for his advocacy skills, Mark Worsley both prosecutes and defends serious crime cases. His practice runs the full gamut of criminal offences including sex crime, drugs and acts of violence.

Strengths: "Due to Mark's approach, advice and close working with the officer, we were able to crack a very challenging case."

LEGAL 500 2017


Leading juniors

"Very experienced in a variety of serious crime matters."



Junior - Band 3

Noted for his advocacy skills, Mark Worsley both proscutes and defends serious crime cases. His practice runs the full gamut of criminal offences including sex crimes, drugs and acts of violence.

Strengths: "He's a very good advocate, very capable. He has a good eye for detail, he doesn't miss a lot, you can't get anything past him.

LEGAL 500 2016


Leading juniors

"He provides an excellent service and is extremely efficient."



Junior - Band 3

He has expertise in handling regulatory matters, and regularly defends charges relating to OFSTED and directors' disqualifications.

Strengths: "He is sharp, resourceful and affable. He is a favourite with a broad spectrum of clients and possess and excellent jury manner."

Recent work: Defended in a case concerning a young man in care who was charged with two instances of rape.

LEGAL 500 2015


Leading juniors

"He has a strong track record prosecuting and defending serious crimes."



Leading Junior - Band 3

Has a strong practice in all areas of criminal work, including fraud, money laundering and drugs cases. He acts for the defence, and is also a Grade 4 CPS prosecutor and a member of the CPS's specialist rape panel.

Recent work: Instructed in a serious rape case, a multi-handed fraud, an attempted murder defence for a paranoid schizophrenic and a violent armed robbery involving the theft of £5,000 and the assault of a 77-year-old man.

LEGAL 500 2014


Leading juniors

"An experienced defence and prosecution barrister regularly instructed in serious crime."


For further information and enquiries please contact:

Crime: Lucy Northeast & Grant Bidwell


  • CPS rape & serious sexual offences panel advocate
  • CPS prosecuting advocates panel - Grade 4


  • Bar of England & Wales
  • Criminal Bar Association
  • New York Bar


  • Inns of Court School of Law
  • Emory University School of Law, Atlanta
  • LLB Hons, University of Newcastle upon Tyne